Pre-riding a track before your XC MTB race is absolutely essential to a strong performance on race day.

Whilst there are longer races where you won’t be able to ride the entire course, for XC racing, you should be able to do multiple recon laps without tiring yourself out.

There are a number of ways that you can make your pre-riding more effective and useful for your race, and in the video below I discuss some of these tips.

They include:

  • Stopping at technical features before riding them on your first go-around. You can risk crashing if you ride into something blindly, which can ruin body and bike.
  • Filming the lap with an action camera like a GoPro Hero4, and using a chest strap or bike mount to secure the camera in a good position. You can then review the footage in your accommodation before the race to learn the course even better
  • Watch other riders as they ride key sections of the track. Do you have a line with no one else is riding, or are they a competitor who seems to be struggling in an area where you could exploit their weakness?

Check out the video below and please leave any tips of your own in the comments section on this blog or on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy it!