Personal, one-to-one coaching focused on strong communication, leading science and long-term performance progression.

Bespoke coaching is THE best environment for those serious about fitness and performance to thrive. Working together, we’ll add structure to your program, train using the most effective methods and deliver you to your goal events in peak shape.


Here’s how the 1:1 coaching process works, broken down into the 4 main steps:

  1. Simply get in touch and let me know you’d like to kick things off
  2. We’ll have a consultation via email or schedule an initial call
  3. We’ll then plan out your goals/objectives and craft the overall annual plan structure
  4. I’ll set you up with TrainingPeaks Premium, load your first week’s training and we’re away!

We’ll then communicate as often as you need, I’ll analyse the workouts as you go, iterate the plan as and when needed and develop your training into an effective, streamlined approach.


Working together in a personalised coaching relationship, you’ll have access to all of the following perks and benefits to maximise your performance progression:

  • A free TrainingPeaks Premium account ($119 yearly-value)
  • Unlimited communication via your preferred method (email, WhatsApp etc)
  • Daily workout notifications so you know exactly what session is on the day’s agenda
  • Training planned weekly based on your changing schedule and time allowance
  • Iterations and modifications to your plan made as and when needed
  • Guidance on any part of the sport from an international-level athlete and national champion