Get one-to-one, bespoke advice to optimise your training program with a personal consulation

A personal consultation is for you if you’ve ever:
  • been unsure of whether your training is as good as it could be
  • felt stuck on your program should evolve throughout the season
  • wanted to know the best workouts you can perform for your cycling discipline
  • how to taper and arrive in peak condition for your highest priority events

We’ll  make sure your program as efficient and structured as possible, whilst you keep control of the day-to-day management of your training program going forward.


In our consultation, we can discuss and find solutions to problematic areas like:

  • Optimal weekly structure and workout organisation
  • The most effective training sessions
  • Applying proven intensity distribution models
  • Training planning over both the short and long term
  • How to taper and peak for your target event(s)
  • How to apply the latest science to your program
  • Ways to vastly improve your recovery time between workouts
  • How to analyse your workouts effectively and track progress
  • How to incorporate purposeful strength training into your training
  • Ability-specific guidance (e.g. climbing, FTP-development, anaerobic capacity building etc)
  • Dealing with setbacks and disrupted training consistency


The consultation comprises of a few key steps:

  1. We’ll start off with a few key questions about you and your current training
  2. We’ll then have a detailed phone or Skype call, where we’ll talk about your training and identify the high-leverage changes we can make to maximise your training
  3. You’ll then receive a detailed action plan PDF report with a comprehensive list of actionable, implementable changes to maximise your training program
  4. Finally, you’ll get email support as you go ahead and execute the recommendations


How long does the consultation take?

From start to finish, the main consultation will take a few days, and runs from the initial questions being answered to the one-on-one call, to the action plan being built and delivered to you. There’s then the additional support afterwards, which will usually run for a few weeks.

How do we set up the call?

To kick things off, just send me an email via the contact form at the bottom of this page and let me know some of the key things you’d like my help with.

We’ll start a dialogue from there!

Will this help me?

My priority with the consultation is to offer tailored advice that will drastically improve the quality of your training. We’ll often cover so much ground that we’ll have to choose the highest priority changes to make out of an extensive list.

Alongside the actionable advice and list of high-leverage changes I’ll advise you to make, you’ll have access to email support as you go ahead and implement the changes, so we’ll work together to ensure your fitness and performance increases significantly as a result of the consultation.

See the case study below for a better idea of the kind of results a consultation can bring…



Nick Mosley (Nick on Strava)


Nick got in touch as he needed guidance on returning to structured training and competition after a break. He was seeking a clear direction to his training and advice on how to use his training time as efficiently as possible, since he works shifts on a rolling pattern.

What we did

With Nick’s rather unique and ever-changing schedule, we identified an optimal workout organisation, which he could apply on a weekly basis to maximise his energy and fitness improvement.

Alongside this, we pinned down the most effective workouts for his current fitness and for the kind of racing he wanted to do.

We created a small but well-formed workout library that Nick could draw from, so that he wasn’t wasting time reinventing his “bread and butter” workouts over and over again.

In addition to some other key changes (e.g tips on climbing better and improving endurance), we talked about controlling intensity correctly so that his training consistency could be maintained and how his training would develop towards some of the races he wanted to do.

Nick’s comments

Here’s what Nick has to say about the consultation:

“Having recently got back into cycling Tom really helped me maximise my time, understand the direction and purpose of my training and offered some practical advice on training planning as well as which workouts would benefit me the most. He was able to teach me a lot about how to improve the quality of my training. Everything was clearly laid out and explained which helped putting specific sessions into place.”


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