Coaching Services

Take a look at the coaching services I offer and please get in touch with any questions or queries about how I might be able to help you improve your cycling fitness and performance.


Bespoke, ongoing coaching

This plan starts with a thorough and comprehensive initial consultation. There’s unlimited contact between us, and a bespoke training plan is delivered every week using TrainingPeaks. Amends are made as and when required and a consultation can be held every 4-6 weeks to check progress and to reassess. All training decisions are explained fully to the athlete in weekly emails.




3-6 month plans for one event

Perfect for those who want to be at their best for the one big race or event of the season. A detailed initial consultation is followed by the delivery of a bespoke 6-12 week plan within 3 days using Training Peaks. There is unlimited contact between us and a consultation at the half way stage to discuss progress. Amends to plan done as and when you need.




Skype consultation and recommendation document

A 1 hour consultation where we examine your current training practices and discuss how they can be improved, taking into account individual circumstances like time availability, specific demands of your discipline and your personal workout preferences. There is an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like about training, racing and athletic lifestyle and a comprehensive PDF summary of our session will be received shortly afterwards.




Tailor-made training package

If you need a little of one package and a little of another or just have your own custom request, then please get in contact. I take as much of an individual, personal approach as possible, and I’m very keen to hear exactly how I can help. Get in touch and let’s discuss your needs!