Dropper seatposts are seatposts that lower the saddle down with the flick of lever, and then return the saddle to the original position once a technical feature has been ridden.

Some are cable-actuated and some use hydraulics (like this one from RockShox), but their intention and purpose is the same, and that is to get the saddle out of the way to allow the rider to move their weight lower and further back on the bike.

This makes negotiating technical features like jumps, drops and steep chutes a lot easier and therefore quicker. 

Dropper posts are booming in popularity in the XC market at the moment, no doubt helped by stars like Julien Absalon using them at World Cup level.

But what are some of the main benefits these racers are using them for, and what disadvantages do they have to live with when adding them to the bike?

In this video, I go over the pros and cons, and talk a little bit about what type of racers might benefit from using one. 

I’ll update everyone on how I get on with a dropper post soon, as I plan to give a number of them a good test both in training and in racing.

Hope you enjoy the video!